TTS supplies two types of shiplift, a traditional Rigid Platform and a Articulated Platform . Both are essentially a large elevator which consist of a structural steel platform, a selected number of electrical powered wire rope hoists to raise and lower the platform, and a centrally electrical motor controls center to operate the system.

Syncrolifts® are not only used for the safe retrieval and launching of ships but also used for launching concrete caissons, offshore structures and wind farm equipment.

Articulated Platform

A articulated Syncrolift® structure consists of a number of Main Transverse Beams (MTB) and Longitudinal Beams (LB) welded together in sections (normally 4-5 sections). Within each section the LB's are usually welded on to one MTB which then bridges over to the adjacent section. The LB's of one section sit on top of the next and are free to move at different levels and angles.

Rigid Platform

A rigid platform consists of a number of Main Transversal Beams (MTB) and Longitudinal Beams (LB). The LB’s are fixed /welded to the MTB’s throughout the length of the platform. The word “rigid” is misleading as steel has flexible characteristics. This flexibility along with the frequency controlled servomotors is utilized in the concept of rigid design.


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