Propeller Puller

TTS Syncrolift Propeller Puller is used for inserting and extracting propellers and axle shafts for new build projects or maintenance on existing vessels.

The Propeller Puller does not require welding of pad eyes for time consuming chin block operations. It saves time, increases safety and allows the operators to control the angle of the shaft to ensure there is sufficient clearance to the main bearing.

In addition, the Propeller Puller can be utilized for a number other uses around the shipyard including rudder removal, bow thruster replacement and stabilizer fin maintenance.

Standard Specification

Propeller Puller max 20 tonne
Propeller Shaft Support max 8 tonne
Propeller Shaft Diameter min 150 mm / max 500 mm
Propeller Diameter max 6 m
Height to Propeller Shaft min 1,8 m / max 4 m
Length of Shaft max 20 m

Note: TTS Propeller Pullers can be tailored to meet individual customer requirements.

TTS Propeller Puller


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