Multi Vessel Docking

This uniquely designed TTS Syncrolift system, can handle the most demanding vessels. It is a flexible system which can adjust to accommodate different hull types and propeller/skeg locations.

This system is ideal for docking tugs with high keels and/or low rotor propellers.

This system has TTS Syncrolift's automatic Bilge Support Arms to simplify the blocking process. It can be fitted on existing as well as new shiplifts, and can be integrated with a transfer system to move the ship into a dry working berth.

  • Interchangeable Modular Blocks for height adjustment
  • Modular Blocks move along the Transverse Beam to allow vessels to enter
  • Live monitoring of distance that the Modular Blocks move
  • Live monitoring of loads on the Bilge Support Arms
  • Bilge Support Arms conform to the hull curvature

Multi Vessel Docking

Multi Vessel Docking Multi Vessel Docking


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