Web Welding Lines

The TTS Web Welding Line is designed for welding smaller ship structure components such as webs and girders.

Compared to manual pre-fabrication, an investment in a TTS welding line gives potential improvements within the following areas:

  • Increased dimensional accuracy
  • Employ methods that reduces distortion
  • Dimensional accuracy allows the use of mechanized and robotized welding downstream
  • The components delivered from prefabrication to ship assembly are dimensional “accurate”.
  • Contributes to reduce assembly fit up time
    Improved working environment

The line consists of a robot, which is mounted on a gantry together with the welding power source and the robot control system. The gantry travels on two rails placed on each side of the welding floor. All operations of the line are handled from the operator station placed on the shop floor, beside the rails.


    Web Welding Lines

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