Flex Trolley

A Flex Trolley is a manoeuvrable, heavy load, fluid bed transporter designed for heavy objects with loads from 500-5000 Tonnes. They are predominantly designed for transporting vessels around a shipyard without the need for a rail system. The Flex Trolley can be extended and retracted to avoid fragile components such as sonars and fins. This flexibility in length allows the Flex Trolley to be used for transportation of blocks and other heavy loads.

Key features of Flex Trolleys:

  • Effective utilization of a shipyard by allowing flexible parking of vessels. i.e. a flexible layout depending on the docked ships requirement.
  • Modular units with the possibility of coupling together two or more Flex Trolleys to increase the length and payload of the system. i.e. blocks, small ships and bigger ships to be handled.
  • The FlexTrolley boogies/supports are flexible in the ships keel direction - thus allowing it to be re-configured according to each individual ships frames/stronghold.

    Flex Trolley

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