Profile and Beam Cutting Lines

For processing profiles and beams, TTS offers fully automated cutting lines with integrated systems for handling and robotic cutting. A TTS profile and beam cutting line deliveres consistent high quality cuts on all kinds of profiles and beamsflatbars, bulb profiles, angles, T-beams and U-channels. TTS Interactive Macro Assignment for Cutting - CIMA, is a PC based software package used for offline programming of profile parts. The profile and beam cutting line is a module-based system that can be intergrated to form a complete system, suitable for larger shipyards and the heavy steel industries, as well as smaller steel production facilities. Features that may be included are:

  • Logistics system for transport, processing and buffering of all types of profiles
  • Integrated PC and PLC control system
  • 3D sensing and compensation
  • Accurate length measuring system
  • Scrap and small piece handling
  • Text and ID marking of profiles
  • Reference line marking
  • Bending line marking
  • Automatic drying of profiles
  • Edge celaning of profiles
  • Profile grinding and sorting system

Minimal installation and start up time is achieved through full scale testing of each cutting system before shipment to customer.


    Profile and Beam Cutting Lines

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