Curved Panel Lines

The Curved panel line is designed specially for building up standard curved panels and blocks on a mechanised production line to achieve higher productivity and accuracy.

This is achieved by mechanised handling and semiautomatic or automatic welding, and effiecient transport along the line:

  • Butt welding of plates with Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) one side welding process with ceramic or fibre glass backing.
  • Mounting and tackwelding of stiffeners is fully mechanised. Mounting is done with a specially developed gantry for mounting curved stiffeners in all directions, and with different angles, onto a panel.
  • Fillet welding of stiffeners is carried out either by semiautomatic welding or by welding robots.
  • All handling and welding equipent are suspended from mobile gantries.
  • Panel transport from station to station by rail running pin jigs.
  • Tilt table in buttwelding station to achieve horizontal position when buttwelding.

    Curved Panel Lines

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