Shipyard Consulting

TTS Syncrolift, formally known as TTS Handling Systems has been an active world wide ship yard consultant for over two decades. In this period TTS's Consulting has carried into effect more than 130 projects for more than 80 clients. Typical clients are shipyard owners/managements, ship owners, investors/banks, authorities. Typical studies/projects comprise:

  • Feasibility studies (‘green site’ projects and yard upgrading projects)
  • Shipyard surveys
  • Layouts
  • Build strategies and main logistics
  • Capacity Calculations
  • Equipment and facility lists/descriptions
  • Manning Plans
  • Productivity calculations
  • Investment budgets and analysis
  • Studies of specific production cells/areas for optimizing logistics and productivity, (e.g. what effect will installation of a panel line has on the yards profitability)
  • Optimizing build strategy and planning for specific shipbuilding projects at existing shipyards
  • Business Plans
  • Industry Studies
  • Docking plans
  • Others
Shipyard Consulting

Shipyard Consulting products: