TTS releases intelligent flush station 07.12.2016

TTS Marine AB releases an intelligent flush station, the patent pending TTS IFS-70™, which help save hydraulic installation time on merchant vessels by a factor of 10 times.

TTS IFS-70™ uses an efficient and accurate flushing method that ensures clean and reliable systems during a long time period. It consists of 3 units in one; Flush-, Pressure- and Hydraulic operation. The unit is portable and easy to use with a tenfold reduction in labor associated with a conven¬tional system for flushing and pressure testing.

The TTS IFS-70™ is manufactured of 100% stainless steel and has a compact design for easy handling by pallet jack, fork lift or crane. It is a plug & play unit with a user friendly touch panel having three user modes; auto flush, pressure test and hydraulic operation. All programs are fully auto¬matic and the operator is updated of current status and when each run is successfully completed. All data is automatically logged, saved for future reference and is possible to export to a USB memory stick.

Installation of hydrau¬lics is shortened by a factor of 10 times due to effective and accurate performance of the flushing and pressure test. With the option of remote connection to the unit, support is given wherever and whenever needed. The unit is reliable and time saving as the accurate performance of the unit is automatically logged and documented during operation.

“If pipes is flushed and tested correctly, the hydraulics are reliable, well functioned trough out its lifetime and maintenance cost will be minimized.  TTS IFS-70™ ensure turbulent flow during flushing were both pipe and oil are cleaned, instead of laminar flow where only the oil is cleaned. This way the result is always reliable for both the shipyard and the end user.” says Tobias Ahlberg, Sales Manager at TTS Marine AB

With the TTS IFS-70™ unit the result cannot be manipulated, the data is reliable and it is easy to follow the procedure on the monitor, i.e. the result can always be trusted. The efficiency of the flushing performed by the TTS IFS-70™ unit can also be proven through the log files that shows date, pipe dimensions, inspection result and cleanliness of the system after flushing. The unit is equipped with the latest filter technology which is proven to a 99,9% efficiency grade.


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