Nomination Commitee

According to the company’s articles of association TTS shall have a Nomination Committee consisting of three members to be elected by the General Meeting for a two-year period. The Nomination Committee shall be independent of the Board of Directors and daily management. The Nomination Committee’s duties are to propose to the General Meeting shareholder-elected candidates for election to the Board of Directors, and to propose remuneration.

The Annual General Meeting may adopt procedures for the Nomination Committee.

Nomination Committee

Petter Sandtorv Private banker, Formuesforvaltning Aktiv Forvaltning AS Chair of committee
Kate Henriksen COO, Miles AS Member of the committee
Anders Nome Lepsøe Group CEO, Skipsaktieselskapet Navigation Co Ltd Member of the committee

Procedures for the Nomination Committee (PDF)

Contact details:

TTS Group ASA,
Nomination Committee
PO Box 3577 Fyllingsdalen
NO 5845 Bergen

Phone: +47 55 94 74 06