TTS Marine GmbH (Germany)

With offices in Bremen and Bremerhaven, Germany, TTS Marine GmbH is responsible for the design and supply of hatch covers, deck machinery and marine cranes as well as service and aftersales.
The company is the result of several mergers, combining many years of experience in the design, manufacture, supply and maintenance of shipboard deck equipment.
The former Kvaerner Ships Equipment GmbH, whose first hatch cover was designed and built in 1963 under the name of Kvaerner, was acquired by TTS in 2001, becoming TTS Ships Equipment GmbH. The company's technological ingenuity and creative flair have pioneered the development of hatch covers that has led to ever more efficient loading and discharging of cargoes on merchant ships worldwide.
Also, boasting almost 60 years' experience in deck machinery development, design and production, the former Kocks GmbH was acquired by TTS in 2005. Its long history of proven expertise has won the confidence and loyalty of satisfied customers worldwide. The company's development of deck machinery and associated systems is consistently focused on innovation and environmentally friendly solutions.
The incorporation of TTS-LMG Marine Cranes into TTS Marine GmbH was achieved in 2011 offering a wide range of shipboard cargo cranes for various applications. The company is the original maker of O+K Orenstein and Koppel, Krupp and LMG Lübecker Maschinenbau Gesellschaft Cranes with its spare part service.

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TTS Marine GmbH (Germany)
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